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This journal is 70% friends-only, 25% fangirlish squealing somehow related to Takuya and/or Luffy, and 5% serious pondering about the meaning of life and what role fanlistings play. If you can deal with sarcasm, buckets full of sass, and cheap attempts at wit - well good for you. Chances are, you'll fit in just fine.

IN THE KNOW; locking everything is how I play it now; it's the shiny little lock next to each entry - they're just too darn cute - so if you don't care about me and I can't blame you and you're just looking for icons/goodies, iconrebel is the place to go. Network updates is at typedletters. Friend both of those and perhaps we'll have a party in my pants. Perhaps.

ARE YOU TALKIN' TO ME; all I ask for friending purposes is that you not be a hoebag. By that, please understand that I am a grown-up a mature adult and I respect everyone's opinions, so long as mine are respected as well. For example: I love teh gay. You might not. Do not hate on teh gay and I will not punch you in the face verbally berate you hate on something you love. Also, I tend to curse. A lot. Like a sailor, or someone else who curses a lot, but isn't as popular a comparison as sailor. Do not pass 'GO'; do not collect $200.

EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY; everyone gets one shot with me and fuck if I'm not easy to please. UVERworld (and its front man), plus One Piece (and its Pirate King) are the quickest ways to my heart. You share those same interests and chances are I'll be spamming the crap out of you before you register what has happened. I'm not President of the Thread-Thief Company for nothing, now. Shake it up, shake it up.

If you aren't afraid of this 12AM rambling on lockage, pirates, and rockin' out, feel free to friend away and leave a comment, all of which are screened. It's awesome if we have, you know, stuff in common; but we can do this cold turkey too.
Tags: friends-only, in the el-jay know
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