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proglution @ livejournal

This journal is 70% friends-only, 25% fangirlish squealing somehow related to Takuya and/or Luffy, and 5% serious pondering about the meaning of life and what role fanlistings play. If you can deal with sarcasm, buckets full of sass, and cheap attempts at wit - well good for you. Chances are, you'll fit in just fine.

IN THE KNOW; locking everything is how I play it now; it's the shiny little lock next to each entry - they're just too darn cute - so if you don't care about me and I can't blame you and you're just looking for icons/goodies, iconrebel is the place to go. Network updates is at typedletters. Friend both of those and perhaps we'll have a party in my pants. Perhaps.

ARE YOU TALKIN' TO ME; all I ask for friending purposes is that you not be a hoebag. By that, please understand that I am a grown-up a mature adult and I respect everyone's opinions, so long as mine are respected as well. For example: I love teh gay. You might not. Do not hate on teh gay and I will not punch you in the face verbally berate you hate on something you love. Also, I tend to curse. A lot. Like a sailor, or someone else who curses a lot, but isn't as popular a comparison as sailor. Do not pass 'GO'; do not collect $200.

EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY; everyone gets one shot with me and fuck if I'm not easy to please. UVERworld (and its front man), plus One Piece (and its Pirate King) are the quickest ways to my heart. You share those same interests and chances are I'll be spamming the crap out of you before you register what has happened. I'm not President of the Thread-Thief Company for nothing, now. Shake it up, shake it up.

If you aren't afraid of this 12AM rambling on lockage, pirates, and rockin' out, feel free to friend away and leave a comment, all of which are screened. It's awesome if we have, you know, stuff in common; but we can do this cold turkey too.

Maaarie! I friended you...I meant to awhile ago, but anyway, feel free to friend back if you want to :D

Shell from TAFL btw ^_^

I totally want to! 8D Shell = OP!mommy ♥ and that icon is super hot.

Hi there~ Adding you back dear! ♥

Love the OP layout btw ^_~

It's not completley Marie, unless I make some kind of reference to OP. *is a loser* Yay~ ♥

*waves* Hello!

We both like Harry Potter, Naruto, Ouran, and Death Note, and I found you via the R x J forums.

Add? ♥

If all the things above didn't seal the deal, that Raito icon you have sure did. For the LOLZ, of course. :d


Hello~! :D missdeep thinks we should be friends, so I'm adding you! Plus, OMFG, One Piece! ♥

What missdeep says goes, yo. :3 *adds back* OMFG, ONE PIECE IS LIFE.

Another Marie! hehe ladyshiny sent me here from this entry xD yay!

Marie's FTW! xDD *adds back* ♥

Hi Marie! I'm Aya from the boards, hope you don't mind me adding you!~ ^_^


Not at all~ :D *adds back*

LUFFY IS SO MUCH LOVE. *loves everyone who appreciates the Luffy* <333

Hello~ This is Dawn from TAFL boards, I hope you don't mind that I've friended you!

Of course! :D *adds back*

That is a gorgeous icon, by the way. :d

pick out a sprite for yourself from here.

try to keep it fy related.

Oh man, Jani got Tamahome first. xDD So I must claim Nakago, because he is the best villain ever, ohemgee. ♥

Hi Marie!

I'm Aerith, from the TAFL Boards, and you might have seen me lurking round Sarah's LJ. xD

Common fandoms: Ouran, Harry Potter, DEATH NOTE, FY(?), Naruto~


Sure! :D *goes to add you*

Marieee, it's Angie. The Scully to your Mulder. Am I still welcomed? T3T


Heya, I'm Raven and I love your site. I was wondering if I could friend you???

Thank you very much~ :D I'm glad my half-complete sites are appealing. xDD

*is adding you now*

Hey Marie, this is your not-so-secret Secret Santa :) I was wondering if you could give me a more detailed list of what you might like, such as DVDs you don't yet own or what size you are, etc. Sorry to be so nosy, and please don't check my IP! ^_^;

Oh, uhm. *thinks* The only one I can really think of that I don't own yet would be Zoolander (is that random or what?) but I'm really interested in anything! Especially any recommendations you might have~

Uhm, and then sizes, for what? :o Rings, clothes or...? That's probably super obvious, but you know. I'm lame. xd;

Psst, I wouldn't know how to do that anyway. xDD

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Hi there! We share quite a few fandoms, and our character interests are alike. So, I thought, go friend her now! x3

I'd love to read you *gives cookies* :D


Haha, I've been really random and spammy lately, so don't let that scare you. x3

Hi Marieee~ 8D This is Hiromi from the TAFL boards. I found your LJ through suzukaze's profile. xD Is it okay if I friend you? <3

Oh, of course! :D *goes to add you* ♥


I am a big fan of One Piece <3

can I stalk you T.T


OMG 292080843 points to you!

only if I can stalk you back? 8D Actually, I'm at at least 3 times a day, so~ 8D I stalked you first, apparently!


Hey Marie, it's Sophie (or Sophie_ XD) from TAFL, thought it might be wise to add 'the boss' to my friends list :D Hope you don't mind ^^

I don't mind at all, ma'am. *goes to add* You are teh awesome. *high-fives*

Hi, it's Masao from TAFL. Finally up enough courage to do this in between studying for those lovely finals. 8D;; may we be friends?

LOL, courage? Now I feel a little scary~ >D Of course, lovely. *pets* I've added you back.

can i friend you too? D:

we can team up and fight zhee sarahhh! +somehow hack her porn site(s).
LULZ. ♥♥♥


I accept this proposition gleefully~ >D *adds you*

Why just send a contact form to you when I can friend you instead? :3 (Hal from TAFL.)

You've intrigued me for a while mostly because of your OP obsession, and how it makes you like my OP Grandma Mentor's Mentor. eajou and soifon are common friends of ours, and I love UVERworld and (obviously) One Piece too (damn straight on the Monkey business), and I appreciate your contributions to the fandom. And darn it, I'd just be sad if you said no! You know how long it took me to work up the courage to ask?! ToT I've been meaning to ask for a while, and thought today what the hey...

Haha, I don't know how I feel about being an OP Grandma, but I'll take it as a compliment? xD;

But! As this lovely posts says, I am very easy and you mentioned my two vices, so OMFG where have you been all my life? UVERworld and Luffy make me such an easy whore, lulz. I have done nothing for the fandom yet, but I will take the courage as a compliment too and of course add. ♥ And haha, how ironic that I see this comment just as I post my huge OP reaction, LOL. *adds*

/molests your icon


;P So- Hey! This is Asuka from TAFL :D Mind if I friend you?

All who worship Luffy be welcome here! ♥ So of course, I don't mind at all. :D Friended you back.

LOL, feel free to delete this after reading; just letting you know gmail crashed and I think I gotta restart. Might take some minutes tho, so don't run away :P



My name is Enero, and I wanted to invite you to join our staff at No Shaking Throne, my ichigo fansite. Hope you don't mind I got you from the animefanlistings message board, I read you applied for the ichigo fanlisting as well!! =) I've been looking for two co-owners for the fansite, so I figured you would be perfect since you own websites and you're an ichigo fan. I'm only asking you and another webmistress who also own websites. It would be awesome to own together the biggest fansite for Ichigo!!! =) I don't know if you've visited my fansite but it's really large, I need people who have time to work on the site with me. =) I've taken all the data section down 'cause I'm revamping all of it, but I'll send you all the files if you say yes!! XD We also have a private message board, I'll send you an invitation if you're interested!

My email is

Best regards,


Hi Marie-san!
Saya from TAFL board here.
I... wondered if I could friend you here in lj.

Sure~ adding back now. :3
How can I say no to a Junjou icon? I think that's cheating, LOL. *is so easy*

Well after reading my articles last night I didn't have it in me to surf the inter webs, but I finally got here.

Ha, I thought you said it was only a few pages? You got your car back okay? :o

Adding now, LOL. You placate me with Luffy~

You should add me,

'cause we work together annnnd yeah. I was going to try and make some witty comment about the invisible man, but I failed hard trying to think of something.

I have totally added you.

It was the Christian Bale icon that did me in, you see.


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